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Natalee and Donny had the perfect downtown Nashville fall engagement session. They met the first day of their sophomore year at Friendship Christian School, which was in 2013. They had the same circle of friends, but they became really good friends their junior and senior year. Donny was a two time high school state champion in bowling, hence our first location at Donelson Bowl.

engagement photos at bowling alley

When Natalee needed help with math Donny would stay on the phone with her until she understood everything! How sweet is that! At the end of their senior year (2016), they knew they liked each other and started officially dating after graduation!

engagement session at bowling alley

When I asked Natalee how she knew Donny was “the one” she had the sweetest response! She said “When you are young it’s easy to think someone is “the one”, but with Donny things were different. Easier. I could be myself unapologetically, and we were CONSTANTLY in sync; it scared me for a while because I was just expecting this really good thing to end eventually. But after about a year or so, I knew that I would love him forever.” 

engagement session, downtown nashville
fall engagement photos, downtown Nashville

Natalee and Donny are huge fans of the comedy, The Office. They constantly quote it to each other. In March 2020, COVID cancelled their beach vacation with friends. Natalee was heartbroken; but her girlfriends planned a last-minute trip to one of their lake houses to hang for a few days. That night, they said they wanted to take pictures on the dock. They got all dressed up, and they led Natalee down the boardwalk.

fall engagement session, downtown Nashville, pedestrian bridge

When Natalee reached the screened porch, Donny was standing in the center, all dressed up. He pulled out the little blue teapot. (For those who don’t know, in The Office, the two main love interests, Jim and Pam, aren’t able to be together for a while due to their different seasons of life. For Christmas, Jim gives Pam a blue teapot filled with different mementos of their friendship.)

fall engagement session , downtown Nashville

Donny had recreated their teapot, filling it with their own memories, some items dating all the way back to when they met. He also included a letter, telling her how much he wanted to be by her side forever. When she looked up from the letter, he was down on one knee. Does this not sound like a fairy tale!!

downtown fall engagement session, pedestrian bridge
fall downtown Nashville, engagement session, ring shot

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  1. Janet Griffith says:

    This is just the sweetest and so precious! I know your parents are so proud!
    I pray God blesses you with many wonderful and happy years together!

  2. Pam says:

    Oh, how wonderful. How perfect. So happy for you both.
    One of Gods greatest gifts, your soul mate.❤️

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