Maddie and Emilie- Class of 2021

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Maddie and Emilie- Class of 2021. Maddie and Emilie are seniors at Donelson Christian Academy. They are the best of friends and decided to take their senior photos together! We went to several great spots and finished their session at Gravel Road Traditions!

senior photos, barn
senior girl photos, barn
senior girl photos with best friend

Fun Facts about Emilie:

Emilie, otherwise known as “Em” to her friends!
Favorite ice cream: sherbet
Fav late night snack: popcorn and cheese balls 
Favorite vacation spot: any amusement park
Fav sport: golf
College team you root for: Vols
Best high school memory: Willy Wonka musical
College choice: UT Knox or Vanderbilt

senior girls photos
senior girl photos, with best friend
senior girl photos, bridge

Fun facts about Maddie:

Maddie, also known as “Maddog” to her friends!
Favorite ice cream: cake batter
Fav late night snack: cheeseballs and chocolate
Favorite vacation spot: Disney World/ Florida
Fav sport: volleyball
College team you root for: UT Vols
Best high school memory: Washington, DC trip
College choice: University of Tennessee Knoxville

senior photos in a field
senior girl photos, field

Emilie and Maddie met their freshman year of high school. They became fast friends! Maddie is a volleyball player and Emilie loves music, but their differences are a perfect mix for this friendship!

senior girl photos, field
senior photos, old red truck , Coke

When I asked Emilie what she loved most about Maddie she said: “I love how Maddie always cares for others and is always considerate of others.”
Emilie said her favorite memory with Maddie was their beach trip together!

senior photos
senior photos, chair

When I asked Maddie what she loves most about Emilie she said “I love that Emilie is funny and artsy!”
Maddie also said that her favorite memory with Emilie was the beach trip they took together this past summer!

senior girls photos, smoke bombs
senior girl photos, couch

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