Kaylee and Kyle’s fall engagement session | Smithville, TN

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Kaylee and Kyle’s fall engagement session in her hometown of Smithville, TN was amazing. The views were breathtaking and Kaylee knew all of the best spots!

fall engagement photos, mountains, water

When they met?

Kaylee and Kyle met the first week of freshman orientation at Cumberland University, in August 2013. Kyle was at Cumberland on a baseball scholarship. Kaylee was there for the nursing program and was offered a cheer scholarship. During freshman orientation they were in the quad in small groups, and happened to be put in the same group. According to Kyle, he was standing there waiting for the game to start and was wearing an Atlanta Braves hat. He says she walked straight up to him, grabbed his hat, shook it a little and said, “We can be friends, you have a good taste in teams!” AND WALKED OFF. Kaylee says that’s not something out of the ordinary for her, and she vaguely remember doing this but Kyle remembers it distinctly!
**The sweetest part of that situation is that Kyle says he knew in that moment that I was the one for him.

fall engagement photos, mountains, water
fall engagement photos, mountains, water

When they started dating:

At this time both Kaylee and Kyle were dating other people. When both of them broke up Kaylee assumed the role of Kyle’s matchmaker, trying to set him up on dates with girls from school. They had study nights with a group of friends and Kyle would always fuss at Kaylee if she missed.

The friendship continued until March of 2015. Kaylee and Kyle spent tons of time together with another friend, Dayle. Kaylee noticed a “shift” in their friendship one night while watching a movie. They started to spend more time together, without Dayle. Kyle began sitting closer to and holding Kaylee’s hand. After one month of “talking” Kyle FINALLY kissed her. Kaylee’s first call while walking back to her room was to Dayle.

fall engagement photos, water and rocks

Officially Official:

May 2015 the semester ended and it was time for Kyle to head home to Texas for the summer. They decide that they would talk over summer but just keep things casual. Kaylee knew she didn’t want to date anyone else, and this is when she knew that Kyle was the man she wanted for the rest of her life.  When Kyle came back to school they officially started dating on August 12, 2015. 

fall engagement photos, water and rocks

How Kyle proposed:

On June 20, 2020 it was Kaylee’s Master’s graduation day! No one could attend (#COVID) so Kyle offered to take her to the school, drop me off for graduation and pick her up after. Once the ceremony was over he picked her up and headed towards Sammy B’s. Kaylee tried to FaceTime her mom because she was excited to have graduated, no answer. Her mom called back, said Congrats and we will see you at your party! Kaylee proceed to take off her cap and gown and fluff her hair and get ready to go eat with Kyle’s family. As they were pulling up she noticed that Kyle is not driving towards Sammy B’s, he is going near the Mitchell House. As they got out of the truck Kyle’s sister took their dog Pudge and she walked around the back side of the building and they went around the front. They turned the corner towards the Mitchell House gazebo and Kaylee’s sees photos of them hung around the gazebo and her friend Colleen snapping pictures. Kyle looked over at her and said, “Have you figured it out yet?” 

fall engagement photos at the creek

Kaylee cried tears of joy because after almost 5 years her best friend asked her to marry him. Once he proposed and they took a moment to look around, their families were all there. After the proposal they had planned a graduation party and Kaylee could tell her family that she was ENGAGED! 

fall engagement photos at the creek, with their dog

Kaylee and Kyle are set to be married on May 29, 2021 at The Salt Box Inn in Cookeville, TN. Loved Kaylee and Kyle’s fall engagement session? Here is another one you might love!

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