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Brandi and Jacob

I love a beautiful fall engagement session. The weather is starting to change and so are the colors. Brandi and Jacob are high school sweethearts and we had the best time at their engagement session. Brandi and Jacob have done so much together since they were high school sweethearts! They went to each others proms, graduations, and even got a dog together. Their dog, Chief, is their life!

I love to ask my couples how they met and their love story! When I asked Brandi when she knew Jacob was “the one” she said: “I knew Jacob was the one when we started “growing up.” As we graduated and got jobs, I started to see that we aligned in some many places like our goals, ambitions, and values. Where we didn’t (and sometimes still don’t) align, we usually balance each other out.” I love this! Very rarely do couples agree on everything, but knowing this and being able to balance each other out is great.

Their proposal

Jacob and Brandi were going to Jacksonville, FL for one of our best friend’s weddings. They went to historic St. Augustine one of the days they were there. St. Augustine was the first place they vacationed together. They took to the city quickly and they love it! Cobblestone streets, history at every turn, greenery everywhere you look, and an ocean! When they travel they always try new restaurants – their rule is nowhere we have eaten before and no chains! They make an exception in St. Augustine to go to their favorite restaurant, Columbia!

That day they went and did a winery and distillery tour and walked around the old city of St. Augustine. Jacob was acting strange and went to pull something out of his pocket, Brandi thought it was a ring but it was actually a keychain with their dogs name on it! They went to eat at Columbia and when it was time to leave it had began to rain. Brandi was going to run to the car but Jacob insisted they go to the garden on the side of the restaurant. Brandi went quickly get out of the rain but realized Jacob wan’t next to her. She turned around and Jacob was on one knee with a ring. She ran back toward him and said YES before he even asked the question! They spent the evening calling family and friends to tell them the news.

Brandi and Jacob are set to marry in December and their winter wedding will be amazing. Brandi is most excited for her first look with Jacob! She can’t wait to see him before the wedding and spend some time taking pictures with their favorite people! Jacob said he is most excited for the experience as a whole!

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