Fall Engagement Session | Murfreesboro, TN - Photography by Michelle

Fall Engagement Session | Murfreesboro, TN

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Aubrey and Jason’ s fall engagement

Aubrey and Jason’s Fall engagement session this week was perfection! These two couldn’t stop smiling and I can’t wait for their winter wedding. I love reading the answers to my couples engagement session questionnaires, so here are some of their answers.

How did you two meet?

We were both encouraged to “get back out there” by family and friends. Not having very many ways to meet people during the beginning of Covid, we set up a profile on Christian Mingle, and met that way.

When did you know each other was “the one”?

Jason- “Aubrey says she knew first – and she would be right. I knew early on; but admittedly she knew first. We hit it off on the first date, which lead to a second date, etc. We had 3 dates in the first week – and it took off from there!”

Aubrey- ” It was really early…like a couple months after we met. We have a lot in common and figured that out right away, but when I found myself wanting to grow old with him, I knew something had changed. I knew I didn’t want to share life at this level with anyone else. I trust Him.”

Who did he propose?

The Fountains in Murfreesboro is a special place to us. Many many dates have started there, or ended there. From the restaurants, to the ice cream, to the walking trail, and everything in between; many hours have been spent there growing our relationship and strengthening our bond. So it was fitting that Jason chose to propose here. Most nights here, we would eat, and then go for a walk. But on this night – Jason wanted to walk first. Ironically, the place he had picked out on the walking track to propose; when we got to that point – a train was flying by on a nearby track – so impossible to hear. At the end of the trail, Jason wanted to go around again! – which should have been an indication to me. Part of the way back around, in front of the water, he got down on one knee!

What are you most looking forward to for your wedding day?

There is no question that we are both counting down the days. We are ready to start the next chapter of “us”. While we will share vows in the ceremony; we are each writing vows to share to one another in private before during a first look. We know it will be an intimate time for us.

Any other fun stories or info about you two!

We both really love to travel; and even during Covid times, have found ways to have new adventures. One such thing that we have been able to do is visit minor league ball parks across the southeast this past season. Each adventure has been memorable and unique! From catching a foul ball; to Frozen Sangria, to unusual minor league promotions; each has been fun! Date night has become a staple for us. Every Wednesday night we make time in our busy schedules for dinner and time together. We’ve tried a lot of restaurants in Murfreesboro; mostly tacos (our fave)!

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