The Mitchell House Fall Engagement

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Mary Brooke and Jackson | Lebanon, TN

The Mitchell house fall engagement session was amazing! I have known Mary Brooke and Jackson for years, since they were in high school! When I saw them at a wedding last year it was so good to catch up! Just a short time after that wedding Jackson proposed and they are planning their own wedding! Here are some of their answers from my questionnaire.

How did you two meet?

We met in high school at Friendship Christian School. We reconnected in 2020 and started dating quickly after!

When did you know each other was “the one”? Each of you answer this one!

Mary Brooke- I knew Jackson was “the one” very early in our relationship. On our first date, Jackson brought me three red roses, and since then, he has constantly pursued my heart and made me feel loved. There is not a moment where I knew Jackson was “the one”, but there have been many little moments where he has shown me that he is the man i want to be with forever. Jackson has shown me how love should be. He is my first love and my last love.

Jackson- I knew I was going to marry Mary Brooke on our first date. She was engaged in our conversations, and she cared about everything we talked about. I knew on our first date that Mary Brooke was family oriented and focused on a future. Mary Brooke talked about her faith on our first date, and I knew I wanted to live my life like Mary Brooke. She has taught me so much since we have been dating, and she has brought me so much happiness.

Who did he propose?

Jackson proposed at the Laguardo boat dock. I was surprised because Jackson spent weeks trying to convince me that he had not bought a ring yet and that it would be a while before we engaged. That morning, Jackson told me he had to go do an errand for work. I never questioned this because it seemed normal. Later, I found out that Jackson drove to Bowling Green to pick up my ring to propose that night! That night, Jackson took me to the boat dock before dinner. He asked me if I wanted to walk out on the boat dock, so I did. When I turned around, Jackson was on one knee. Before he could say what he had prepared to tell me, I quickly said yes!

What are you most looking forward to for your wedding day?

Jackson- I am most excited about being able to start a life with Mary Brooke.

Mary Brooke- I am most excited to see Jackson when I am walking down the aisle. I can’t wait to marry Jackson and begin our life together in front of our family and friends!

Mitchell house engagement session | Lebanon, TN
Mitchell house engagement session | Lebanon, TN
Mitchell house engagement session | Lebanon, TN
field engagement session | Lebanon, TN
field engagement session | Lebanon, TN
field engagement session | Lebanon, TN

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