Top 6 tips to planning your wedding!

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Preparing for your wedding can be overwhelming, and most people have no idea where to start. Here are my top 6 tips to planning your wedding. First take a moment and enjoy your new engagement! Live in the moment and take some time to celebrate!

When it’s time to start planning there are so many things to think about, book , and plan. Don’t stress; I’ve got you covered. Here are seven tips to planning your wedding.

1. Outline Your Budget 

One of the most important wedding planning tips is knowing your budget. This will determine the type of venue, guest list, flowers, catering, and details. 

Regardless of your budget, determine the one of two items that are most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly. For instance, if location is your priority choose your venue first. If photography is your priority, choose your photographer first and then go from there.

2. Choosing a Venue 

The next step for planning your wedding is choosing a venue. Do some research online and then schedule some visits! See them in person, speak with the venue coordinators, and then determine which is the best fit for your needs.

3. Guest List 

The first step in creating your guest list is knowing how many people the venue can hold. Deciding if you want an intimate ceremony or to invite everyone you know. Another important thing to thing to think about is will you invite children or not!

Typically you will send out invites around eight weeks before the big day, so guests have time to RSVP. 

4. Booking your vendors

Choosing and booking your vendors is up next! Once you have a venue you can begin to secure your other vendors. Photographers, videographers, caterers, and florists book well in advance, so don’t wait!

4. Choose a Menu 

The first decision is if you want a full sit-down meal or a buffet. This will depend on the size of your party and budget. Do some research! Have you been to a wedding or 2 recently that you loved the food? Ask for recommendations. Ask your venue for their preferred catering vendors. Many caterers offer a tasting, schedule one!  

6. Consider a fun add on!

Do you want your wedding to be a night your guests will never forget? Consider adding a fun detail that will have your guest talking for years to come! A fun photo booth, such as Candid Camper Co. in Nashville, TN is such a fun add on to any wedding!

wedding details | Photography by Michelle
bride and groom photos | Photography by Michelle
bride and groom photos | Photography by Michelle
bride and groom photos | Photography by Michelle
bride and groom photos | black and white | Photography by Michelle
camper photo booth | Photography by Michelle

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