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Jade and Austin | Lebanon, TN

How did you two meet?

My fiance’ and I attend the same High School (Lebanon High School) We always knew of each other, but never talked since he was dating someone at the time. During my Sophomore year and his Senior year, we actually had a class together. The Class we had was Accounting, which I hated at the time. I remember being in the class and looking at my future spouse. When I looked at him, I told myself I would never end up with someone so attractive as him. Well, I was definitely wrong. Two years later, my friend and I were at my Aunt’s Pool for the summer. My friend had asked me if we could invite Austin. I told her that I was fine with it. That day at the pool, I knew that there was something different about him. Well, let’s just say that the sparks were there. After the day at the pool, Austin and I started talking from there. Our first date was a couple of days later at Bonfire in Mt. Juliet. From that point, I knew I wanted to be with him. Here we are five and a half years later.

When did you know each other was “the one”?

Jade’s response- I knew Austin was “the one” on the very first date. I’ve never met someone with such a kind heart and personality. To know that someone truly wants be with me for who I am is amazing. I’ve never had someone fight so hard to be with me than Austin. From his cute smile, and gorgeous eyes, I still find myself getting lost every time I see them. Immediately from the first date, we started “seeing each other” and immediately has turned into ongoing 5 and a half years.

Austin’s Response- I first noticed that jade was ‘the one’ because she did not see my flaws as disabilities. With my transplant, Jade did not bat an eye or seem scared when she found out, but used it as a form of motivation to push myself to be a better person. She’s seen me at my lowest and my highest and has always been by my side through and through. Not many college students will sit by your side during annual surgeries, especially around the holidays. I have not found someone for life, I have found someone for eternity.

Who did he propose?

We have been engaged since December 25th,2022. For a couple of months, I had a feeling that he was going to propose to me. My fiance’ has always been a last-minute person on everything. During September of last year, we started talking about Christmas gifts since I like to start on this pretty early. Well when I asked him if he knew what to get me, he had mentioned that he had already had my gift for a while. He would tell me that my gift was house hopping and was something that I had wanted for a while. By the time Christmas came around, I had put the pieces together that he was planning to propose. I just did not know when he was planning to. Me and Austin were at my Aunt’s house when the proposal occurred. I remember my parents wanted to take a picture of all of us, as we do for every holiday. Once we had taken the picture, Austin was down on one knee with the ring in his hand. Before he could even say anything, I said yes.

What are you most looking forward to for your wedding day?

Jade- I’m looking forward to finally marrying my best friend. At a very young age, I was told to start praying for our future spouses and the characteristics that we longed for in one. Austin has been the future spouse that I’ve prayed for all these years and has continued to grow in our relationship. Being able to say “I do” will be the highlight of our wedding day.

Austin- The thing that I am most excited for about our wedding day is the fact that I can finally look at the one person who has my back no matter what and say ‘I do’. Then follow that by spending the rest of my life with them

Any other fun stories or info about you two!

We have a cute fur baby named after the guy who saved Austin’s life. Our puppy is the highlight of our lives and continues to keep us on our toes. Austin and I also enjoy cooking in our free time. You can always find us having competitions with one another on which is the better chef.

Fall engagement session in Lebanon, TN
Fall engagement session in Lebanon, TN
Fall engagement session in Lebanon, TN
Fall engagement session in Lebanon, TN
Fall engagement session in Lebanon, TN
Fall engagement session in Lebanon, TN

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