Unplugged ceremonies- why you should consider having one!

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One of the most common questions I get asked when I meet with couples is what are unplugged ceremonies and should we have one?

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If you’re not familiar with unplugged ceremonies, they are when you request that your guests turn off their devices for the ceremony. This allows your guest to be present during the ceremony, as a result enjoying the moment! This also allows your photographer to work more freely getting all of the important photos you want! As a photographer, there is nothing worse than trying to photograph the bride coming down the aisle and have someone stick their phone out in front of you (yes, it’s happened!). Check out this blog post with 23 photos that are ruined by cell phones/ iPads, etc.

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I think Unplugged ceremonies are a GREAT idea, and I’ve had many of my couples do them with amazing success! Guests are typically very respectful if you ask them to not be taking photos during the ceremony.

There are a few things you can do to make this happen with ease at your ceremony. First, I recommend having a sign at the entrance of the ceremony that encourages guests to put away their devices! You can also include a short and sweet line on your ceremony program that requests this. I believe the most effective way to implement this is to have your officiant announce it before the ceremony starts!

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Not only will your photographer love you, but a beautiful thing happens: your guests will be present and enjoy the moment with you.

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