Rainy engagement in Franklin, TN

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Aubrey and Kyle’s Rainy engagement in Franklin, TN was a remake of a romance movie!

How did you two meet?

Kyle and I were one degree of separation away from meeting each other for many years. We actually graduated from the same high school, but I transferred there my senior year just after he graduated. He lived with my friends brother, and I was friends with one of his best friends and groomsmen Jack.

In April of 2019 Jack and I had reconnected and he invited me to go to a dinner party his friend was hosting. Before getting picked up I had a glass of wine with my mom, not something I usually do, but it gave me a little liquid courage. When we arrived at the friends house Kyle answered the door, I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

Kyle and I spent much of the evening chatting. At one point he was even suppose to leave for a date, but chose to stay. The conversation flowed easily and we soon realized we both are artist. We shared photos of some of our work, and made a plan for a paint night. The following week Kyle came over to paint, that night he mentioned he was going to the Anderson Paak concert. A few weeks passed, and the concert was approaching.

I sat with my friend Emma working up the courage to ask him to go to the show with me. He was texting with Jack telling him his date for the show canceled and Jack was suggesting he take me. I beat him to the punch with the ask, and was happily surprised to find he already had an extra ticket. Kyle and I had a blast at the show. We danced, and laughed, and stayed up all night talking. We haven’t been apart more than 3 days since!

When did you know each other was “the one”?


Kyle and I’s first big trip together was to Puerto Rico in 2019, I think it was there I found my forever partner. It wasn’t the beautiful beaches, or the romantic dinners- though that didn’t hurt! It was the lost car keys, the ferry that was hours late, the questionable Air BnB’s. Getting stranded on what we now refer to as “trash beach” and having to walk across the island back to civilization.

The whole time we were smiling, laughing at our misfortune, and being so happy we were in it together. It’s a perfect metaphor for life. There will always be unforeseen circumstances and hardships. It’s about how you handle them. Do you let it weigh you down and ruin your time, or do you embrace them and laugh along the way. I am so blessed to have found someone who will hold my hand, and throw his head back laughing as we trudge through what ever life has to throw our way. Making some amazing memories along the way.


I do not think it took me as long as Aubrey to realize she is the one. I had had crushes before and experienced butterflies around someone. After my first date with Aubrey on May 17th 2019, I had a feeling that I had not experienced before. Past crushes never included thinking about what I need to change about myself to be strong parter when I woke up after the first date. It most certainly had not included thinking “she could be the one”, or “she would be a great a mother”.

The butterflies I had the night before had still not gone away the next day either. At the time I remember thinking I am either nuts for having these thoughts so soon or I am so totally and utterly in love with this girl. I knew I was head over heels and that Aubrey was the one I wanted to pursue and be with rest of my life. No one has ever made my heart melt, mind race and knees weak before Aubrey. So I listened to these feelings and decided Aubrey was the one in the days following our first date.

How did he propose?

Kyle had a work trip in LA the weekend before my birthday. He suggested I fly up to meet him and we could celebrate my birthday in California. We have a tradition of taking trips for each of our birthdays, so this wasn’t too out of the norm. Kyle had rented us a beautiful home in Dana Point overlooking the water. We had a pretty typical trip until my birthday came. He had suggested we drive down to San Diego for the day to which I agreed. We stopped at a precious french bakery and had croissants and the best latte I have ever had to start the day.

Kyle, who cannot keep a secret, had managed to surprise me as we pulled in to The Montage Laguna Beach. He had booked us a spa day! We were greeted with champagne as they took us to get ready for our couples massage and facials. Once we were thoroughly relaxed we headed back to the house to get ready for a late dinner. Dinner was in San Diego, but first he wanted to stop by Torrey Pines Beach to watch the sunset. He was quiet the whole way there, and I knew what was coming.

We found a spot to lay out our blanket and Kyle got down on one knee! I really couldn’t tell you what he said next, but it was an instant YES! A photographer came around the corner, having captured the special moment. I was completely enamored by my ring which Kyle let me know he designed and some of the stones had been given to him by my mother which were from my late father’s ring. The rest of the evening was spent giddy with excitement that we are lucky enough to spend the rest of our lives with the one we love.

What are you most looking forward to for your wedding day?

I am most excited to just round the corner and see Kyle at the end of the alter, our closest friends on either side of him and so many loved ones surrounding and supporting us as we begin such a new and special journey.

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