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So many questions!

There are so many questions you want to ask your wedding photographer, but how do you narrow it down to the important stuff. There is so much information floating around about this topic! Just read any wedding blogs or websites related to weddings or photography on Pinterest. While I wouldn’t say they’re all bad… I think there are some important ones that are often overlooked, and some that shouldn’t be a huge factor in your decision.

I believe there are two main things you should consider when your talking to a potential wedding photographer: what is this person like, and are they capable and confident to capture my wedding?

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Possible questions about who they are:

When and how did you get started with photography? Ask your photographer how they got started! Trust me, they love talking about it. It’s so fun to reflect on where we started and how we got to where we are now.

Why do you LOVE photographing weddings?  For me, when I get asked this question, a million things start running through my mind! I could talk about my WHY all night, but I try to hit the highlights. I love photographing weddings because I love MARRIAGE and everything that it stands for. Being a part of a couple’s biggest day of their life is a complete honor.

Will you help us with our timeline? Right after my couples book, I send them my bridal guide magazine and it has a sample timeline in it, along with a whole LOT of other helpful information (after all it is over 60 pages)! I want to serve my couples the best that I can during their wedding experience.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you on a wedding day? Answers will obviously be different, but it will most certainly give you some insight into how they handle the worst situations that are thrown at them, and how they handle them. You’ll most likely learn a little about how they handle curveballs.

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Questions about their experience:

Now, the questions below are probably very similar to ones you see on other blogs & websites… but phrased a little differently to become stronger questions. They will give you insight on whether the photographer is experienced and capable to capture your day.

Can I see an entire gallery from a wedding you’ve shot? This question gives you insight into how well a wedding photographer can cover EVERY part of a wedding day. The website shows their best of the best, but asking for a whole gallery will give you a better understanding of what they will produce from start to finish. With portraits, they’re in control of everything… the posing, lighting, and directing. With receptions, there is no posing… but you have to know how to light dark spaces well and capture some moments in tight quarters. Asking to see an entire gallery will give you an idea of exactly WHAT to expect from each part of the day when you receive your own wedding photos! I love showing how capable I am of capturing every part in all different kinds of scenarios… from harsh sun to dark reception halls, I can confidently capture it!

What kind of lighting do you use?  I personally LOVE natural light, and use it EVERY chance I get. Although I consider myself a natural light photographer, I am also very good at using a flash setup in dark spaces, so I can achieve the same light and airy look all of my photos have. Using a flash setup takes some practice and “learning”, not something you can just “wing”!

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More possible questions!

What happens if you can’t make it to my wedding?  I take my job very seriously, this would only happen if a true emergency! When I am booked for their wedding date, I will not book other shoots or personal commitments that day. I am completely devoted to my couple! However, if something were to happen where I absolutely could not make it, I am responsible for helping you to find another photographer for your day, and have a long list of local photographer friends! In the even an emergency arises I will never drop you and leave you stranded.

Will I have permission to share and print my images? Some wedding photographers restrict sharing, and others don’t. For myself, I give ALL sharing & printing rights to my couples. There are no restrictions with sharing, but I do love it when my couple tag me!

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Do you have backup equipment? The only answer to this question should be YES! My backup gear is just as good as my main camera!

How long will it take to receive my images? Knowing what to expect from your wedding photographer after your wedding day is so important. I post a sneak peek for my couples within 48 hours, and I promise they will have their full gallery within 30 days of their wedding.

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And one more…

What would you like for dinner? Kidding…. kind of. Every time I’m asked this by a couple, my heart melts. After working 8+ hours on a wedding day, there’s nothing better than having a hot meal during dinner service! Even though I typically ask my couples for this (in my contract), the extra thought really means a lot!

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I am sure you can come up with some other great questions, but hopefully this is a good start point for you! If you are wanting other wedding planning info you might like my blog post: Your Engaged! Now What?

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