How to prepare for your senior session!

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I LOVE everything about senior photography! Helping with how to prepare for your senior session can make or break the whole experience! It is my job as the photographer to make the process as stress free as possible! The best way for me to do that is to help my senior prepare. My Senior Style Guide is so helpful with this. However, there are still a bunch of other ways that you can prep in order to make it the BEST possible experience!

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Choosing what you will wear for your photo shoot is a huge decision that should be well thought out! If you end up wearing something that isn’t flattering or something that you don’t feel confident in…it can create unnecessary stress for you! So, here are some tips on choosing outfits:

1. First and formost- think COMFORT:

If you do not like fitted clothing, don’t bring it! If it is going to make you feel self-conscious then it probably isn’t the best choice. Additionally, there are times we will be laying down, sitting on the ground, leaning, walking, and maybe even dancing so you want to be comfortable.

senior photos, black and white
2. Think bright and bold:

Consider bright colors that compliment your skin tones. Black + white can sometimes make skin tones look very washed out and unflattering on camera. Think about primary colors like red, blue, and yellow. Other great colors to consider are shades of pink, emerald green, purples, and any other colors that are bold!

3. Add LAYERS:

In the fall it is always great to think about layers! A sweater or a jean jacket over a cute top or sweater can really add dimension and also makes for fun posing possibilities.

senior photos, fall photos
4. Accessories:

Changing and adding accessories can totally change the look of an outfit without changing your whole outfit! Think about hats, scarves, statement earrings, statement necklaces, hair accessories/ scarves, and bracelets! Bring MORE than you think you will need, your photographer can help you put it all together!

senior photos, downtown, bright colors
5. Variety:

Make sure that you have a variety of looks! Think about these categories: casual, dressy, school-related, sports-related, preppy or edgy. My seniors typically choose 4-6 outfits and choose from these categories.

senior photos, sports photography
senior photos, trees


This is another big part of a senior session is your hair and make-up! Things to consider: will you do your hair and make up yourself or have it done by a professional?

senior photos, black and white

If you will be having a professional do your hair and make up make sure you make those appointments early and book a time slot early enough to give you some wiggle room if the appointment goes a bit long!

*If professional hair + makeup is simply not in your budget, that is ok! I do recommend doing your makeup slightly heavier than normal, and using fake lashes if possible!

senior photos, flowers and fields

Don’t Forget the Nails!

I know it’s one more thing but its important! Don’t forget your nails (fingers and toes)! A lot of the poses we do will have your hands close to your face and in the frame, so make sure that your nails look just how you want! White/ light nails or a french manicure will photograph best!!

senior photos, fields and flowers

Hope these tips on how to prepare for your senior session helped with planning your upcoming senior session! Here is another blog post about The best of my 2020 seniors!

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