How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

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My top 6 pro tips:

Wedding planning can be a daunting task, and sometimes engagement photos can seem like just another thing on the to-do list. They are actually be an important aspect leading up to your big day for a couple reasons. How to prepare for your engagement session can seem scary to some!

I’m a professional photographer, so I might have some bias toward capturing your moments. But still, engagement photos are important, that time allows you to get really comfortable with your wedding photographer. You will get to interact with each other, learning different quirks, preferred “sides”, and also learn some of the posing! Sometimes a sit-down meeting isn’t enough time for you to really get a feel for your photographer, so an engagement session is a great way to get used to your photographer’s shooting style and see their personality, and for them to learn the same about you!

So, let’s talk strategy. Here are my Top Six tips to make sure that you make the most of your engagement session!

engagement session outfit inspiration

Before the shoot

1. Find the right photographer.

Picking the right person to capture your wedding is key—you want to find someone you mesh with and trust to be with you on one of the most important days of your life.  Look through photographers’ portfolios, ask a lot of questions, and check that they are insured! Find a photographer whose style you really love.  Find out what is included in their pricing (engagement session, 2 day of wedding photographers, an album, etc).

engagement session outfit and location inspiration

2. Choose your outfits.

Many photographers will be very helpful with this! They can tell you what will photograph well for different locations, etc. Pinterest can come in handy for this, here is my engagement session outfit inspiration board.  Try to avoid anything too trendy. Look to Grace Kelly for inspiration! This will ensure that your photos stay timeless. If you are doing two different looks choose one that is a dressier look and one that is more casual. Things to consider: pick something you’ll be comfortable in, if you choose a flowy skirt, wear a more fitted top. Your photographer will have you moving around a lot, so ensure you can stand, sit, lay, and maybe even dance! Weather might also impact on your outfit choice depending on where you live.

engagement session outfit and location inspiration
engagement session outfit and location inspiration

3. Talk about any personal concerns in advance.

We naturally want you to love your photos. If you have a preferred “side”, specific angles you don’t like, any specific insecurities, TELL us! Do you hate a certain tooth? Don’t like your ankles? Insecure about a hairline? Whatever the concern is make sure to tell your photographer. We have tips, tricks, and poses that we can use to take the focus away from these features to focus on your best and favorite attributes instead. I have never shot photos of anyone I didn’t consider to be beautiful, so go easy on yourself!

engagement session outfit and location inspiration

4. Choose your ideal location with your photographer.

If you have a location that means a lot to you and your fiancé, that is amazing. The sweet couple above are avid wine drinkers, so a beautiful session at Arrington Vinyards was fitting. Here is their sweet engagement session post. If you don’t that’s ok too! Your photographer should be able to choose a location(s) with a beautiful setting and amazing light! Sunrise and sunset sessions typically provide the best light, but your photographer will be really helpful in choosing an ideal time based on your location.

engagement session outfit and location inspiration

During the session

5. Trust your photographer.

I’ve asked couples to do some pretty odd (but safe) things, and they always end up loving the outcomes. I am constantly looking for locations and angles that will product beautiful images. I find myself saying “feels odd, looks amazing” A LOT during sessions, and those photos often turn out to be the favorites in your gallery.

After the Shoot

6. Give your photographer some love.

When you share the photos on Instagram or Facebook TAG your photographer! We love to see when you share our work (and it’s always fun to see which photos are your favorites)! Refrain from applying filters or trying to re-edit. We spend a lot of time trying to get your photos to reflect that same style you chose us for, and filters or extra editing may mislead people who enjoy this style.

save the date, engagement ring photo

Enjoy your engagement session and cherish your engagement photos! They are a great way to preserve that perfect last sentence in this chapter of your life before you start the next great chapter.

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