Austin and Ashlee’s Walt Disney World Proposal

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The Plan

Ashlee and Austin’s Walt Disney World proposal is the sweetest story!  When my good friend/ coworker told me her son was ready to propose to his girlfriend I told her I wanted to help!  I have know Austin since he was in High School, so I wanted to help in any way I could! 

He had every detail planned and I offered to find a photographer to capture it all!  (I really wanted to capture it myself, but I was already traveling to Florida the following weekend for a wedding!)  Austin and I texted, spoke on the phone, picked a location, and made the “final plan”! 

I typically ask couples to send me some details on how they met so I can write my blog post, but these two went over the top!  They sent me “their story” from each of their points of view so instead of me writing the post I am going to let you hear their story from them!Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom     

Ashlee’s Version of the proposal:

How they met

The first time I saw Austin he was leaned against a wall, smiling and laughing with a group of his friends. It was August 2017 and I instantly thought, “wow…I want to know that guy”. He was just so cute! I told my best friend about him and she just so happened to be friends with him. Of course she made it her goal for him to ask me out.

I woke up one morning to a message from Austin introducing himself.  Not long after that, we were going on our first date to the Professional Bull Riding event at Bridgestone. He was sweet and kind and showed me that chivalry wasn’t dead. He didn’t even kiss me until our fourth date.

We made it through only seeing each other every other weekend because he was away at school at Tennessee Tech and I was all the way in Cheatham. Distance isn’t easy, but we both put in the effort for us to have a healthy and happy relationship. Austin is also extremely thoughtful and made my happiness his goal. He’s the type of guy that gets me flowers and my favorite snack (goldfish) constantly just to make me smile.

Disney obsession.

Well, my obsession with Disney kept me begging for a Disney vacation. December 2018 we took a week-long trip to Universal and Disney. It was one of the best weeks of my life by far. All the Christmas decorations and my first real Disney trip made it nothing short of magical. Austin was dragged around the parks, walking at least 10 miles a day, making sure I saw everything I dreamed of and meeting all the princesses.

I guess with how happy I was, he knew that was the place he wanted to propose. So fast forward to May of 2019, through all the vacations, movie dates, weekends on the boat, and just months of memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Austin planned the perfect proposal.

The proposal

He works for Ford so he told me he was hired to go pick up a truck in Orlando and drive it back. This has happened before so I didn’t think much of it.  Austin had fake registration for the truck pickup, a fake hotel confirmation, and even a fake contact calling him. He had everything planned out down to hiring a photographer. I was told the truck pickup was delayed. S o the morning he proposed and asked if I wanted to spend the day in Disney, so it seemed very last minute. I was over the moon that I could go to Disney for a day.

As soon as we got in the park, he didn’t waste any time. He took me straight to the castle and got down on one knee.  This Walt Disney world proposal is one I will NEVER forget!  I was so excited and filled with joy that I think I reached for the ring before he even got the question out. By far, the happiest day ever and I am so thrilled to be spending my life with the most amazing man. I know as with any marriage, ours will face struggles, but I wouldn’t want to go through anything without him by my side. 

Austin’s version of the proposal:

How they met

The first time I saw Ashlee I thought “WOW, she is Barbie in real life.” She was tall, and blonde with a stunning smile. She took my breath away. When I saw Ashlee I figured somebody this perfect had to have a boyfriend, but I happened to notice that I knew one of the girls she was with. I got her number from that friend and messaged Ashlee.

She gave me a chance and our first date was to Professional Bull Riding event in Nashville in August of 2017. She was just the sweetest and most caring person I ever met. After that we went on many dates from drive in movies to going to the lake and even to a floating lantern festival. Throughout this time I went to Tennessee Tech and she went to Austin Peay. We both gave full effort and made the distance work.

Why Disney?

During all the time we spent together, all Ashlee ever talked about was Disney World and anything Disney. She graduated college in May 2018 and I graduated in December of 2018.  We took a week-long trip see all of Disney World and Universal Studios. I truly believe this was Ashlee’s favorite week of her life. Looking back and seeing how everything made her so happy and that she literally dragged me through every park, I can honestly say that was actually the best week of my life.

I do not do rides and Ashlee got me to ride every ride in Universal. That alone just shows how much I love her because no money in the world would have gotten me on some of those rides.

Ashlee is such an amazing woman and every day she brings out the best in me, along with making me the happiest man on Earth. Move to May and I am beyond ready to make her mine for the rest of my life. When I say this woman deserves the Moon, she deserves everything and more. I just knew that her engagement had to be special.

The proposal

How about a surprise trip to Disney World? What Disney fanatic wouldn’t love that? I lined up everything perfect from our plane tickets to when we would be in the park.   To a photographer waiting for the magical moment in front of Cinderella’s Castle to capture our Walt Disney world proposal. The whole time we were there Ashlee believed that I was there to pick up a truck for work and that it just kept getting delayed up until the morning we got up and went to the park. I truly believe she had no idea.

We walked up to the front of the castle early that morning to take pictures.  I got down on one knee to ask my best friend to be my partner in life. Before I could even get the full question out she was tearing up and already had the ring out of my hand. That was the best day of my life seeing her beautiful face light up my whole world.

Congratulations Austin and Ashlee! Your Walt Disney World proposal is one I am sure you will never forget!  Love proposal stories?  Here is another great one!

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