The Best of 2020 Seniors!

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Photography by Michelle senior rep team photo, confetti poppers

Cue the confetti… the Class of 2020 is about to graduate! Here are some of my favorite images- The best of 2020 Seniors!

Photography by Michelle Senior Rep shoot

My Senior Rep Team:

This amazing group of 9 ladies were my first ever Photography by Michelle Senior Rep team. We did several photoshoots throughout the year and had so much fun! As soon as our “stay at home” order is lifted we will finish our year with our final session- “Cap and gown/ College T-shirts”! I have been so honored to get to know these girls this year, capture their memories, and invest in their lives! Here is the blog post from our first session together!

Photography by Michelle Senior Rep Team fair shoot

Here are some photos from our fun session at The Wilson County Fair!

Photography by Michelle senior photos

My seniors:

I had the privilege of photographing 28 seniors this year! Over the past couple days I spent hours pouring through their galleries trying to choose some of my favorite images! I had a really hard time choosing “favorites” but had the best time reliving each session! Such a sucker for open fields with wild flowers and LOVE huge willow trees!

Photography by Michelle senior photos

I pride myself on trying really hard to make each senior’s session unique! Picking locations, helping to style outfits, and thinking of props that really tell THEIR STORY!

Photography by Michelle black and white senior photos

These black and white images are some of my favs!

Photography by Michelle senior photos with flowers

Any time I can incorporate beautiful flowers into a session I will! Lavender, sunflowers, and hydrangeas are always welcome!

Photography by Michelle senior photos

Adding bright colors and finding amazing murals and colorful walls!

Photography by Michelle senior athlete photos

The best of 2020 seniors- athlete edition! Many of these kids are AMAZING athletes, some even going on to play at the next level! Football, volleyball, and dance are just some of the sports my 2020 seniors will play/do in college!

Photography by Michelle senior black and white photos

Is it obvious I love the serious faces for black and white images!

Photography by Michelle senior photos
Photography by Michelle senior fall photos

Most of my seniors do their session in the summer (because of yearbook submission deadlines), but Fall sessions are also very popular!

Photography by Michelle senior photos in fields
Photography by Michelle senior black and white photos

A message to seniors:

I am sure this is not the ending the Class of 2020 Seniors thought you would have… in quarantine, completing classes online, Prom and Graduation still a question mark. Your strength is not going unnoticed- it’s okay to be sad, to cry, to be mad. But know this… you are strong- things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.

Photography by Michelle senior photos

In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed my “The best of 2020 Seniors!” blog post! I love these kids and can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

  1. Samantha says:

    Love these, amazing how you did 28 seniors and each is different in they styling, locations and poses. Love the black and white

  2. Amanda says:

    Cute photos!!!

  3. Love all your images! Your team looks like they had a great time during all these special portrait sessions!

  4. Katie says:

    These turned out truly great! I’m so envious of your blue and white wall!

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